Niayesh Law Firm

Niayesh Law Firm was established in June 2015. The founders of this law firm have over seven years of experience practicing law and they are active in different legal backgrounds. Each one of them is educated and expert at economic law, international law & criminal law and related fields. Niayesh Law firm has established a legal platform for many local and international clients.

Niayesh Law Firm has wise attempt to deliver holistic approaches as needed to many opportunities and challenges which clients encounter. Due to our clients’ opinion, entrepreneurial problem-solving makes our firm a valuable collaborator. We recognize first and foremost that we provide professional services and make our strongest investments for the clients, as well as supplying them by tools and technologies they need to deliver high-quality services in order to meet their goals.

Through the strategic application of our resources, relationships, legal experience and consulting expertise, we build the right combination to get the job done for our clients efficiently and cost-effectively.

We aim to provide objective advice based on careful evaluations of what the client seeks to achieve and how the best to achieve it. We endeavor to solve problems and bring reliable ideas and approaches in addressing clientele needs.

We value the unique skills of each individual at Niayesh law firm. Bringing our best team thinking to bear for our clients allows us to understand and anticipate their challenges.

Niayesh Law Firm is a full service firm. Our barristers all work on various cases in different fields such as bank claims, insurance, financial, payment claims, property claims and so on.We are also experienced in corporate services with providing legal advice and due diligence, and contractual services such as negotiation, drafting, providing comments and legal supervision of implementation of different kinds of contracts.

We have also attorneys’ cooperation who are experienced in transportation and marine law by handling the arbitration and litigation cases between ship owners, managers, P&I club, insurance companies, their local agents, and buyers or notify parties. We can also use local attorneys at seaports to provide services regarding arresting vessel.