Niayesh Law Firm’s Cases

1-Nullification of writ of execution issued by Real Estate Registration Office

2-Obligation to take out mortgage

3-Dispossession of estate and execution

4-Obligation to set an official document

5-Revocation of marketable title

6-Revocation of fictitious transactions

7-Eviction of business place because of changing the job

8-Eviction of business place because of conveyance

9-Eviction of business place because of not paying rent

10-Authorization of profits of things hired

11-Demanding the sum of money on the check

12- Complaint about forced possession property

13- Disagreement due to cooperation in building construction

14- Demanding for late payment damages

15- Arbitration and performance of arbitration award

16- Annulment of registration of trade mark

17- Enforcement of judgment based on financial conviction

18- Forgery and using false document

19- Bringing an action against bank and revocation of bank collateral

20- Reforming registration document

21- Claims related to the National Organization Land and Housing

22-Demanding the price of sale contract

23- Divorce by mutual consent

24- Proof of marriage and marriage portion dispute

25- Demanding fair remuneration to wife after husband death

26- Getting the evacuation order of tenement

27- Getting official document for properties which do not have it

28- Acquisition of the government and demanding the value of it

29- Insolvency from judgment

30- Getting compromise report

31- Service of arbitration award

32- Obligation to set the official document to mobile phone line

33- Obligation to deliver the object of sale

34- Complaint about assault and battery

35- Mitigation of punishment in medical crime

36- Demanding loss and damage caused by offence

37- Advocacy of acting against national security and bribery

38- Endowment

Niayesh Law Firm’s legal Consultations



3-Demanding value of the land which is located in municipality destruction project

4-Revocation of municipality project

5-Demanding the sum of money in a document

6-Objection to commission judgment regarding to nationalization of land

7-Objection regarding uncultivated lands


Niayesh Law Firm’s Set Contracts


1-Partnership contract in building construction between owner and investor

2-Property sale contract

3-Property lease contract

4-Investment contract

5-Contract of reward

6-Partnership contract in launching restaurants

7-Construction tools lease contract


9-Hire-Purchase contract

10-labor contract